Building Up Skorne, playing for Exaltation

Jun 18 2013

It's been a while but life does that in our hobby. It takes us away and the moment we get back to the table is a moment of pure joy. That is up to the point when you realize you're loosing to do rookie mistakes due to cobwebs up in your head. 



So since I've started playing I've had a love of the Skorne that I was unable to figure out. I picked up the Faction Book shortly after I picked up my Cygnar book. Some of the models looked awesome, others seemed silly. I liked some of the rules and some of the other rules didn't make sense to me. It was a year later when the plastic starter came out, when I picked up my first models. By then I had come to figure out some of those neat rules and maybe how they would apply. I also came to love the fluff. For some this is not important, but the inspiration driven from surprising backgrounds makes me want to play the faction. I waited for the plastics and I'm behind the ball, the faction is still very new to me. So I've decided to go over some of my experiences with the faction. 


Part Theory Machine, part "this really didn't work" and part "wow that's neat" I hope to explore on a regular basis some of the lessons I've learned as I start my voyage towards becoming a challenging Tyrant in my own right from across your table edge. 


Normally, one tends to start this type of journal entries with the starter box. I'm still working out how it's coming out on paper so I'll forgo my experience with the Starter Box for this post as I wrap up some thoughts and ramble out some thoughts on where my purchases will be going, what's be advised and what I've collected to date. As we need models to play I figured the foundation for my advancing would be based off the models I can play with. So my recent three top dogs as I play... 


Previously mentioned I picked up the starter box which is pretty good so far and has set a real baseline with the models I pick to play. The Titan Gladiator has been a lynch pin to many of my current and smaller lists. It's rough and ready to tumble at a great cost. He's slow but with his animus it's mitigated and said animus is a great tool in many 'locks spell list. Even when he's not leading the charge many of my opponents are wary of the Gladiator Titan and are always looking at getting him off the table or making sure to minimize its wrecking potential. 


My next purchase was the Bronzeback Titan, simply at first because I love the numbers leaping off the page from the Faction Book. For the cost few things are able to put out so much hurt and move your opponents minis around the table like the good old BB. It likes to throw its weight around and it's really good at doing so. When it comes to picking between the Bronzeback or the Gladiator, my current list of previous opponents always go for the Bronzeback... because I want them to. It's a trick I learned from a local player from FdB who was also new-ish to the game and had picked Skorne. When he used the Bronzeback 

he got better results with it in front to take the brunt of any attacks, many cases taking it like a boss, to continue on. This has in many cases put pressure off his Gladiator who is really good at cleaning up any mess the BB leaves behind or getting in along side the big guy for a follow up round of destruction. 


Great advise and it works when I use it, unless my dice leave me like they did last Friday at Fandom 2. ... grumble jerks... 


My next purchase was the Pain Giver Beast Handlers. After playing with the Skorne for a year I realized these folks should have been my second purchase instead of the Bronzeback. I have a mate who started with Menoth, his second pick up was the Choir. These jerks fill that same niche of being indispensable in too many lists. They help manage fury, heal the beasts and really take up slack on the pitch. Now I'm still figuring out how to really take advantage of these wankers but I've been picking up some great experience with each battle. I try to mix them up to figure out what they can really do in a pinch instead of just sitting back and whipping the other beasts into awesome. 


Well that's it for this week. Next week I'm gona look at some of the other minis that I've pick up for one reason or another and some of the things I want to try or have been told to try out.


See you across the table 



By Olen "Dozer" G