Foodmachine 2013

Nov 11 2013

November 24th at 10am! 

It’s time for the Privateer Press community to band together again and help fight hunger through the  annual Foodmachine charity drive. This is the 2nd Year for Ottawa and the 8th year now that Privateer Press gamers around the world have held Foodmachine charity events combining their love of gaming with their desire to help the needy. If this is your first time, don’t worry! It’s easy to get involved and this information will help you. 


Foodmachine was conceived by the St. Louis River Dogs and grew significantly. The torch was next passed to the NJ Somerville Ogrun Bokurs (NJ SOBs) and the momentum grew and grew. The torch has now gone global with people around the world proudly carrying it.

Despite many amazing advances in agriculture, there are still people who go to bed hungry at night, even in fully developed countries. You, and others like you, all around the globe are helping to make a difference by collecting canned goods for the Ottawa Food Bank

The idea behind Foodmachine is simple – support a good cause by playing games and having fun. This year our format will be a steamroller 2014 Beta Event that will allow you to pit yourself against the best in Ottawa. Since some of us may not get as much time to play as we would like the best part about Foodmachine is you get to cheat! When you donate canned goods to the Food Bank at the event you will receive CAN's (small tokens) that can be spent to do certain cheats single cans will get you something like re-rolling your dice or adding +1 to your initiative roll, a hundred cans will let you bring an out of faction Gargantuan or Colossal to the table.  

Since the food bank always needs certain things and is able to do more with money than with another 20 cans of mint jelly We have contacted the food bank to set this years CAN conversions. They are as follows:


1 CAN - one food good of approximately the size of a can ( more or larger packages will get you more CANs)

2 CANs - on food good of approximately the size of a can from the Ottawa Food Bank Most Needed Items List

5 CANs - $1 For each dollar donated the Food bank can buy $5 of food from its partners. 


The entry fee for the event is your donations for the food bank. You can come out and play with a single can, or you can be getting your but kicked half way through and go out and get more food items like people have in the past. The idea is to have fun and donate like you have a pair!



People will be playing to win the Foodmachine Trophy of Awesome! 

 Last years winner was Tony seen here holding his prize. You can see the trophy on display at FdB. 


Now for the good stuff, CHEATS! 

During your game, you may donate 1 canned good to: 

1. Add +1 to your initiative die roll per can donated. Secretly decide a number of cans to donate 

and after your opponent decides how many cans to donate, reveal the total bonus amount 

and then roll for initiative. 

2. Re-roll 1 of your dice. Each subsequent time you break this rule, whether for it’s for the 

same die or a different die, the cost to break this rule doubles. For example the 1st re-roll=1 

can, 2ndre-roll=2 cans, 3rd re-roll=4 cans, 4th re-roll=8 cans. The cost resets back to 1 can 

at the start of your next turn. You cannot re-roll the initiative roll. 

3. Force your opponent to re-roll 1 of his/her dice. Each subsequent time you break this rule, 

whether for it’s for the same die or a different die, the cost to break this rule doubles. The 

cost resets back to 1 can at the start of your opponent’s next turn. You cannot force a re-roll 

your opponent’s initiative roll. 

4. Shift damage one column/branch to the left or right or shift grids on a Colossal/Gargantuan 

once per damage roll. 


During your game, you may donate 3 cans to: 


1. SATED: Trigger 'Shake Effects' on a warcaster/warlock or warjack/warbeast instead using 

of using Focus/Fury. Can only be used once per turn on one warcaster/warlock or 


2. FREE LUNCH: Give your warcaster/warlock an extra focus/fury point during the control 

phase. This may be in excess of their focus/fury stat, but does not change the stat itself. 

Your warcaster/warlock receives this focus even if other effects do not normally allow him 

focus/fury points. Can only be used once per turn. 

3. DINNERTIME!: Generate 1 free non-charge power attack. Each subsequent time you break 

this rule per turn, the cost to break this rule doubles. The cost resets back to 3 cans at the 

start of your next turn. 

4. EMACIATED: Colossals/Gargantuans may be moved or placed out of activation. 


You may donate 10 cans to: 


1. STARVATION: At the start of your game, force an opponent’s advance deploy model/unit to 

lose the advance deploy ability. Decide this after seeing your opponent’s list but before you 

roll for the initiative roll. Can only be used once per game. 

2. At the start of your game, give 1 non-character jack/beast (non Colossal/Gargantuan) 

HUNGRY. HUNGRY adds +1 MAT, RAT, DEF, and ARM to the stat line for the duration of 

the game. Can only be used once per game. 

3. DESPERATE: A model/unit may run and then perform their action for one turn. At the end 

of their activation treat them as fleeing (even fearless models). The following turn they may 

not activate. 

4. FRIENDS IN NEED: Designate one Mercenary or Minion models/unit as a friendly Faction 

model/unit for one game round. 




I hope to see everyone out to this Years food machine and donate! 


 Food Machine Organizer Packet

Ottawa Food Bank Most Needed Items List