New years resolutions

Jan 10 2014

Hey folks, long time no chat. So The holiday season has come and gone and we are now in the new year. He who says new years says resolution. Well mine was rather simple, stop selling and swapping factions. Dedicate the next year to learning a faction and getting to use all the models in that army and paint them all....

Well, I had a choice to make, which faction to chose. I currently own Retribution of Scyrah, skorne, circle of orboros and some convergence. I didn't want to chose circle because I've been playing that faction exclusively for the past 2 years. I've grown tired of that faction and the release of Emorvannah really put the nail in that confine. Yes she's good and that's the problem, she's too good. It's just boring to play a top 5 caster and see the look of horror and frustration on your opponents face. I'm a reasonably good player and I feel I don't need to pull out the cheesy casters to win. Also, I'm tired of having people look at me weird when they see I don't play her.

So my choices went to to either Ret of convergence since I wanted to start playing more warmachine instead of hordes. Since convergence is still missing allot of it's toys I chose Ret. So I started painting and I'm about half done. I'll post pictures in my next article. I've started getting some games in and I'll see how they progress. At the moment I'm trying to perfect my rhan list which is composed of the following


Mage hunter infiltrators with UA
battle mages
2 units of stormfall archers

2 Archanist Solos
2 magister solos
2 mage hunter solos

Let me know what you guys think. Until next time folks.