Dojo is in session

Feb 10 2014

So I've played a few games with ret since the last articles. I must say I've had fun with a few of the casters and really dislike others.

Let's start with the Rahn list. I haven't tried many versions of it as I find it very solid as is. The only difference is that I made points for an extra unit of battle mages by getting rid of the MHAs. I always get disappointed by the MHAs. On paper they are awesome! In practice, I find them severely underwhelming. If I can actually hit something with them (yes, I roll poorly) they get to kill their target but after that they die... horribly as they don't have sprint. Yes you could argue that they can deal with the tartar sauce but in reality a good cryx player will never let you get close. The battle mages on the other hand are steady and reliable. On feat turn they will ravage your opponent's infantry and/or allow you to move stuff out of zones for point scoring goodness. I still haven't tried replacing a phoenix by a banshee but I find the usefulness of twin arc nodes to be just too good for this list.


How about you other Ret players? Have you tried my Rahn list? Have you made changes? Did you like it?


Now on to the Ossyan list. I've made a few modifications. I've dropped the Chimera and one houseguard thane to add 1 arcanist, 1 destor thane and E Eiryss. This should round out the list a little better. I've not played many games with this list yet but I've played many with it's previous incarnation. It's solid and reliable. It will help with those pesky circle and cryx match ups because of shatterstorm. Emorhvanna don't like him much and neither does EGaspy. Not much to say here really. I'll give this list another few goes before deciding on it's final version. 


Finally EVyros... what to say here but I DON'T LIKE HIM!!!! I hate his screwed griffon spam list. It's not my play style at all. I tried him in different ways exploiting his tier allot and still find him boring and unidirectional. I understand that he has some of the best defensive stats in the game. I also understand that he fills a niche that Ret didn't previously have an answer for. But I still hate him... So I don't think I'll be bringing him to any parties any time soon.


This left me with a small problem, who else to bring to a masters? I had three viable (and I think this will be debatable) choices. Ravyn, Issyria and pVyros. Yes I did write pVyros, don't laugh... please stop laughing... awww.... 


So to binging with Ravyn. I don't like her, at all, in. the. slightest! She's a one trick pony. She won't do anything other then her intended strategy which is snipe on the MHSF feat and go assassinate the opposing caster. Is this a good strategy? Ask menoth players what they think of it. Harby's on the table you say? not for long, Severius? Kreos? Yeah they hate her like a passion. Allot of cryx casters could also fall prey to this tactic and same goes for Ret oddly enough. The problem you ask? Well, if the one trick pony act doesn't put you off the fact that she'll do pretty much the same game as Ossyan and that she'll need some of his tolls to do it (lady Ayanna and Holt) shorta puts her out of the running.


Next up, pVyros (I SAID NO LAUGHING!!!). He's arguably one of the worst casters in the game (Garryth and EMorghul join him in that little club) his tier list however is just bonkers. It goes a little like this









2 full units of sentinels plus UA

Each unit has a Daemon marshaled.


So this list will crack almost any amount of armour. The daemons are really good at clearing infantry, so are the sentinels for that mater, and the banshee gives you some board control. On feat turn your battle group does rather well for focus generation and can hopefully deal with your opponent's heavies with the help of our trusty arcanists. Is this a super list? I would say it's on the fence. I would also say that it's tones of fun to play. 


Finally, the new girl on the block. Issyria is good and I mean really good. Her feat with MHSF is just ridiculous. She polishes on shit units to a good level. Unfortunately, she has no attrition game at all. If you play her you have to be very aggressive. Turn the pressure on and never let it go. If you give your opponent an opening you're done. It's as simple as that really. Also, with armour 13, stray AoEs and spray attacks are a real threat because you almost never camp focus on this lady. So you do need some defensive tech to make her viable. It's kinda fun to kill off your opponent's stuff in one turn however the look on his face afterwards really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. 


This is the list I've been playing with her:







Halbardiers plus UA

MHSF plus UA





Houseguard Thane


I'm happy with this list for the moment. Please try it out and let me know what you think.


All these games with Ret have given me some deeper insights into this faction. Up to now I'm not all that trilled with them. I find them really unidirectional, stale and weird. They have amazing units that suffer from being in the faction like invictors for one. Also, if you look at the casters, I find them lacklustre in most cases (except Issyria, she just shines and polishes everything). In the case of my three lists to take to a masters, they all suffer from the same flaws. The caster want to be in the thick of things and yet stay away from all enemy models because they can't handle the heat. Finally, I fell that this faction can be summed up to the following units:






and maybe, just maybe MHI


If you have these 5 to six units (because you need two units of SFA) and a few jacks, you don't need anything else because you won't play with anything else. Wow, this really turned into a big rant on my part... Sorry folks. 


In any case, please try out those lists and tell me what you think. Also, feel free to critic my opinion of the faction. The only reason I didn't erase that last paragraphe is to start up a conversation between players of this faction and even those that don't play it but look at it from the outside.


Thanks for reading and until next time!