Vengeance Book Release Event

Mar 03 2014

Happy New Year (very belated, I know) everyone!

It's been a while since I've been out and involved in our community and it's good to see new and old faces alike.  To get back in the saddle of running events I volunteered to run the next Warmachine Book Release event titled: Vengeance.  So without further ado, let's take a look at  the upcoming event.



Vengeance was designed to be a Warmachine-Only event featuring Cygnar, Khador, the Protectorate, Cryx, Retribution, Convergence of Cyriss and Mercenary armies.  The faction coins available are for Warmachine only.  There will be events throughout the year that are Hordes-only too and if possible we’ll do Book Release “remix” events.   


When is it happening?

Vengeance can be yours on Sunday March 30th and is a full day event stating at 12pm and ending either when a significant majority of players want to stop OR 30 minutes before our venue closes.


Okay.  So Where is it happening?

Vengeance will be found all around you as you'll have the opportunity to strike down your foes.  If you want to have yours against specific opponents, the event will be hosted by our friends at The Wizard's Tower located at 3350 Fallowfield Road.  They've given us the day and we should make use of it.


How much will it cost to play?

The entry fee will be $10 for the day with the funds used towards prize support.  So the greater the participation, the greater the prize support beyond the faction coins.  


What are the rules?

Easy.  The rules governing game play are found at


In summary: 

•Standard Player Responsibilitiies.  Conversions yes.  Proxies no.

•You play as one faction and can modifiy your army per game.  No set list.

•"Free-Play" format.  In other words, no tournament rounds.  Games take as long as they take. Pool-hall/Arcade rules:  The winner decides if they stay at a table or to go to another

•One scenario to be played and will be provided


The event is recommended to run at 50pts but I'm inclined to bring it down to 35pts to ensure as many players as possible can get in the action.  If EVERYONE wants to play at the 50pt level at the start of the event, then that is what will be played.

Army build format is standard.  Any legal/available model to your faction can be played.  Yes, this includes any models from the Vengeance release.

3 ways to win:

•As the raider, destroy the boat. As the defender, the precious cargo is base-to-base with the boat

•Kill the caster 


Remember, we're starting games around 12:30 to give people time to get Wizard's Tower and register.  If you're running late or a bit behind, don't worry as it's free-play format with no set rounds.  Also, you can score points for hobby and non-game actions.  See the scoring sheet and page 2 of the rule packet...


Tony “Oninofro”