Game Summit Sponsorship

Jul 23 2014

This year the Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club (OGWC) along with Game Summit will be holding one of the largest tournament for Warmachine and Hordes in Canada. With more than a 170 players over two days of gaming this year’s Game Summit looks like it will be bigger than ever. 


To accommodate this large undertaking, the OGWC is seeking sponsors to help fund the purchasing of supplies and prizes to make this a world class event. The amount of players attending along with the prominent location at the event combined with broadcast both to a large screen in the hall and online to the world wide community gives us a unique opportunity to provide local businesses with the chance to advertise to a highly targeted market. 

As a local group that is upgrading to a national level tournament, we are using the sponsorship money to acquire the three main components that will make this event bigger and better than any other event this year. Firstly. we will be acquiring upgraded table supplies including new chess clocks, signage for the tables as well as new game markers. Secondly, we will be purchasing advertising locally and creating advertisements for national and international broadcast online in audio and video formats. Third, we will be putting any more that we raise into purchasing more prizes for the participants.

For more information download our Sponsorship Package or if you would like to sponsor us you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Organizer