Tool Organizer, Lack a dedicated modelling/painting space? Read on

Oct 31 2012

Written by Out of Focus


If you have to share your desk real estate between modeling, painting, doing tax returns, writing essays, and other things like hosting children’s colouring parties then this idea is for you. This tutorial will explain how to create custom made organizers that take 30 seconds to take out and put away again. I’ve found that the tedious job of taking out and putting away my stuff can put a damper on a burst of modeling enthusiasm. No longer!


Here’s the original idea from Fine Scale Modeler (May 2008). All materials available from Home Depot at Baseline and Woodroffe.


Here’s a sample of the stuff cut to size. I got a lengths of 3/4′, 1′, and 1 1/2′ PVC pipe and cut them down into 3 inch and shorter lengths. The glue is strong stuff, use it and let it cure outside! The blue end caps can also be had in white and in smaller sizes; they are perfect holders for Vallejo and PP paint bottles. All this is mounted on the acrylic sheet.


To decide what layout is best for you sit at your workspace, break out everything you want to be stored on your tray and your precut plastic tubes, and then dry fit everything. Keep moving stuff around until you’re happy about the set up. Then glue.

This is a picture of my ‘build’ tray. From plastic models to heavy metal Hordes I put everything needed to build on one portable tray.



I made this one as a paint tray. It holds every paint brush and gadget I’ve got. It also keeps ‘go to’ paints like PP black, PP white, and Vallejo slow dry, matt medium, and glaze medium front and spill-proof centre. I put extra end caps on as holders for ‘current project’ paints so Legion or Cygnar colours can stay out until I’m done with them. It also serves as a spot to keep units or multi part models while they are being painted.


This one is a decal and finishing tray for plastic scale models.



These are pictures of the trays put away but ready for action if a few free modeling minutes come my way.