The Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club is Ottawa’s Privateer Press gaming community. Our goal is to help keep the gaming community expanding and thriving in our nation’s capital. We also work with local game stores and conventions in order to have more friendly and competitive events in the region.

The Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club (OGWC) unlike other clubs isn’t based out of a single Game Store, but out of several including, but not restricted to Fandom II and Wizard’s Tower.

The club started out, primarily, as a way to introduce Privateer Press‘ games to the Ottawa community.

So, a few people got together and decided to set things up. It took some time but the interest built up and now we have a good member base playing all of the Privateer Press’ games

One of our main goals is to promote the hobby in the community and as a result, we’re always trying to reach out to find new gamers and introduce them to our friendly gaming environment.

The club is run in a democratic fashion where the Command Crew is elected into the various positions.


Ottawa WARMACHINE Club (OWC): Code of Conduct

The Ottawa Warmachine Club was first and foremost created to bring together the players of Warmachine, Hordes, and the other fine games produced by Privateer Press so that they could have a variety of different players to test their skills against. It is also a means to bring together the community of hobbyists to share tips and techniques to allow them to improve their skills and therefore enjoyment of the hobby.To that effect, the following Code of Conduct has been set forth for those wishing to be members of the Ottawa Warmachine Club.


The terms of the Code of Conduct are as follows:

  • Club members will show respect for their fellow gamers as well as their property
  • Club members will show respect for the facility hosting their games, as well as its property, and will obey all rules of the hosting facility at all times.
  • Club members will respect the games we play, as well as the ones we don't. Discussions of rules and their merits and disadvantages is fine, but there is no need to put down a gaming company's work or a game another player may also enjoy.
  • Good sportsmanship is required. This means both winning and losing gracefully.
  • We play games with toy soldiers. There is nothing so serious about this game that merits making playing it unpleasant for anyone else should we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation in the game.
  • Club members will gladly teach the rules of the game to those interested, or at least explain the basic premise, in order to spread knowledge of the games we play.
  • Club members will gladly play with non-members to spread enjoyment of the game, and will promote the club to non-members to try to grow the club.
  • Above all, Club members will endeavour to have fun and make playing the games and sharing this hobby what it should be: fun for all.