Wet Fun, Pallet

Oct 31 2012

I’m sure alot of you have either had your paints dry out on you when you put them on your pallet, before you finished painting what ever miniature you were working on, or have heard people praise the use of wet pallets.


A wet pallet is just that, a pallet for your paints that stays moist to slow down the drying of your paint and to help with blending paints.

Privateer Press has released a really nice one in their P3 range of products with nice refils and all… but you can make one for a 10th of the price.


All you need to make your own is the following: 


Small plastic container (I use the plastic blister packs from Privateer Press)

2 pieces fo foam from blisters (Or if you don’t keep them, paper towels will do)

Scissors or Knife

Parchement Paper (or wax paper)



First thing I do is cut the backing off the blister, so it doesn’t get in the way or make your pallet flip over.


Then you want to add either the foam or paper towels to absorb the water.


Pour only enough water for the spunge/foam/paper towels to absorb it.


Now place the parchement paper or wax paper ontop and push down on it a bit. (as you can see mine’s already seen a bit of use)


Thats it. Now go have some wet fun!