Kobold Stomping

Kobold Stomping is a 35point steamroller 2 List tournement.

We will be using the following Artifices: Killbox, Reinforcements. This means that every round will have killbox and reinforcements regardless of the scenario.

The Cost is $15 which will be going to prizes.


Community! ( no were not canceled)

I finally have a bit of free time to start writing articles again... and that’s awesome! But what do I talk about? I had a painting blog but let’s face it, I haven’t been painting much in the past few months. Besides my last post is old, like it’s moving in the fridge old....

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Specialists and you!

Hey all – in honour of the upcoming Cangames tournament I’ve decided to write a short blurb about an element of this event that will probably be new to most if not all participants – specialists!

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