The Readings Dinnae Make Sense Cap’n!

As always there are questions governing events;  Anomaly is no different.  Let’s address the most common ones.

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Hammer Time

By: Olen 'Dozer' G.

I've been throwing around the Hammersmith for a while now. Yet as I hit the various forums I keep seeing folks shooting down one of the less used and stronger 'jacks that Cygnar sports in it's line up. Since the 20 paces on the 20th Starter Box tournament is just passed, I figured I'd bring up pCain's melee buddy since I've already worked over my experience on the Defender.

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Machinations: Anomaly

Western Immoren continues to be plagued by bizarre events as a new and potent force rises from the depths to make their mark on Caen. Could they be the reason behind the anomalies of Caen, or does more lurk hidden in the dark corners of the world? All is not as it seems.

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